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06 Mar 2016 - Western Province junior golfers get elite training

Western Province junior golfers get elite training

The Western Province Golf Union in partnership with sponsor, Grindrod Asset Management, has launched specialized high performance training for elite junior golfers. The first intake of twelve under 13 golfers attended the golfLAB in Westlake industrial Park on Saturday morning, the 5th March.

The training started with an initial assessment that measured the fundamentals of each player’s game thereby analysing any defined weaknesses that can be worked on.

The initial assessment consisted of

  • 3D Motion Analysis Technology – the 3D offers in-depth swing data with LED cameras tracking reflective markers on the body and clubs
  • Mental training with Focusband – trains you to control your emotions
  • SAM PuttLab – measures 28 parameters of the putting stroke to pin point inefficiencies in the stroke
  • Golf Fitness & mobility – based on sports science research
  • Equipment test
  • Distance testing of clubs – measures distance struck with each club
  • Short game ability test

Each player will be able to access all the data and after each lesson information will be added to the player’s personal folder.

Next Saturday, the 12th March, will see another group of juniors take advantage of an opportunity to take their golf to the next level.

Report by Peter Little

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