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WP Golf Referees Association

WP Golf Referees Association

Inus Marais
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Dave Gardener
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Helénè Marais
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Upcoming Events & Referees: 

31 AugWP Mid-Amateur  SteenbergGunter Weimar, Burt Williams, Helene Marais

1 Sept

WP Mid-Amateur  Steenberg

Ura Kwon, Inus & Helene Marais

10 Sept

Premier Amateur Tour - Steenberg Open


11- Sept

Interclub Rules Quiz


Rules Updates

After the Lexi Thompson Incident in April, a new Decision was released with immediate effect.

Please see the Rahm ruling 2 weeks ago in the Irish Open where this new Decision was used:

On his way to winning the 2017 British Open, Jordan Spieth drew on deep reservoirs of resilience.

He also took advantage of the rules. Let's look at how he worked within the letter of the law.

A new Video Rule is implemented by the R & A with immediate effect.

New Decision 34-3/10 implements two standards for Rules committees to limit the use of video:

1) when video reveals evidence that could not reasonably be seen with the “naked eye,” and

2) when players use their “reasonable judgment” to determine a specific location when applying the Rules.

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Royal & Ancient Updates

25 May 2017 - The R&A and the USGA believe that a player's ability to read greens is an essential part of the skill of putting. Rule 14-3 limits the use of equipment and devices that might assist a player in their play, based on the principle that golf is a challenging game in which success should depend on the judgment, skills and abilities of the player.

"We are concerned about the rapid development of increasingly detailed materials that players are using to help with reading greens during a round. We are reviewing the use of these materials to assess whether any actions need to be taken to protect this important part of the game. We expect to address this matter further in the coming months".