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Women Rankings


Western Province teams are selected using a set of criteria, which are considered by WGWP to be an important guideline in determining those individuals who will have the honour to represent Western Province.

The criteria used are as follows:-

  • The performance of players in sanctioned Order of Merit tournaments (ie. National and Provincial Championships, WGWP tournaments and WPGU Club Opens as listed on the Order of Merit).
  • International WGWP sanctioned tournaments (as reflected on the Order of Merit)
  • Stroke averages in sanctioned Order of Merit tournaments / stroke differential determined by score difference to calculated rating per round.
  • Past performance in representative teams
  • Ability to add value to a team
  • Attitude and behaviour

Players studying overseas or in South Africa but outside of Western Province will be considered provided that they capture their scores on the SAGA Handicap system.

Note: Attitude and behaviour are regarded as important criteria. Players who are eligible for selection- irrespective of their position on the ranking list – will be those who consistently display a respect of the etiquette of the game, as well as an attitude and behaviour that is of the highest standard. Once selected, these players will become role models for many other aspiring golfers, they will be representing Western Province and all that it stands for. Attitude and behaviour is fundamental to the performance of both the individual and the team.

WGWP Executive reserves the right to change the selection criteria at any time.

Player Responsibilities:

Players are expected to attend squad training organized for teams and selection purposes.

It is the responsibility of a player who is selected for a specific event to display the commitment to do everything possible to be ready and fit for the event.

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