This year’s Town vs Country tournament was held at Worcester Golf Club with Boland as the host union. A thrilling 18-hole match play format featured 24 players from Town (WPG) and Country (BG).

In the A Team, Tanja Jacobsen (Strand) secured the first points for the ‘Town Team’ by defeating her opponent 7&6. Her result spurred on her teammates, and the ‘Town Team’ put their foot on the gas and kept the momentum going. The team earned five out of eight points, and took home bragging rights.

(WPG A Team: Ashley Huysamen, Josephine Greaver, Tanja Jacobsen, Annette Auhagen, Estne Auret Slabbert, Amy Laird, Anelda Smit, Annemarie Maier)

Drama was plentiful in the B Team matches. Three of the eight matches came down to the last hole, ending in ties for half a point. Among the standout matches was Marianne Kiessig (King David Mowbray) who won 5&3. Upon the conclusion of play, the ‘Town Team’ emerged victorious with 5.5 points out of a possible 8.

(WPG B Team: Kim Uytenbogaardt, Pamela Welz, Anandie Strauss, Pearl Steyn, Dawn Blackshaw, Marianne Kiessig, Vanessa Rose, Ann Galloway)

In contrast, the C Team found itself in a totally different situation with the Country players refusing to give up without a fight. It was apparent that they put forth a significant effort and demonstrated consistency in their performance in which they earned seven points out of eight. Only Rose Fleming (Parow) from the ‘Town Team’ managed to secure a point, beating her opponent 2 up.

(WPG C Team: Geanne Gelderblom, Irene van Biljon, Rose Fleming, Marcelles du Toit, Karen Gornall, Lorette Hegie, Sue Giddings, Odile Roux)

This event showcased incredible teamwork, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among the 48 ladies who represented their respective unions.