Junior (A & B)

Only players 18 years or younger on the tee are eligible to compete in any given match in this league. The League will consist of 2 sections with each team playing all other teams in their respective section.

Each team consists of four players, who must be registered. The format of the League is single match play off scratch. The league shall be played over 18 holes. There will be 2 way matches and 3 way matches.

Due to COVID and date constraints there was no Junior League. This will commence in 2022.

Instead WP Junior Golf held the WP Junior Teams Interclub at Parow GC on the 2nd of May - this was divided into U19 and U13 divisions. 

2nd May 2021 - U13 | Parow Golf Club


2nd May 2021 - U19 | Parow Golf Club




Teams are divided into North and South, with each division comprising 3 leagues. Teams will consist of 6 players.

  • A & B league compete in singles match play which is played over 9 holes and everyone plays off scratch.
  • C League will compete for stableford points. Handicap are taken into consideration with a player having no official handicap then he/she plays off 18. (18 is the maximum handicap for this league). If a player has an official handicap lower than 18, he/she plays off that handicap (this is then subject to the course handicap)
  • C League – four out of the six stableford scores will count for the final total.

At the end of the season, the North and South winners in each league compete for overall champions.

Matches should be played during the week as indicated on the league fixture list.

School League Rules - 2021

School League Rules


School League Fixtures - 2021

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North A Fixtures 2021


North B Fixtures 2021


North C Fixtures 2021


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League Logs

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North Logs @ 17 May 2021


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South Logs @ 17 May 2021


League Results

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