In this League the teams compete for the Harry Solomon Cup, a floating trophy presented by JM Logan in memory of the late Harry Solomon who rendered invaluable service to Western Province golf between 1923 and 1956.

Each team consists of 16 players. 8 to play at ‘Home’ and 8 to play ‘Away’.

The handicap index range for all players competing in the league is 9.5 to 16.0, inclusive. A player with a handicap index higher than 16.0 may be selected but must play off an index of 16.0. In order for a player to be eligible, his handicap index must have always been greater than 7.5 from 1 February 2021.

The format of the competition shall be four-ball better-ball, 2nd ball match play played off 90% of the SAGA computed course handicap, the Playing Handicap (PH), as per Rule 6.2 and Appendix C of the Rules of Handicapping. The lowest PH in a four-ball playing off scratch and the remainder of the four-ball playing off a PH equal to the difference between the lowest PH in the four-ball and their PH.

2021 Harry Solomon League

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