Caddie Winter League back on the fairways

2019 Caddie League

The Caddie Winter League was founded 6 years ago and for many years was sponsored by the Cape Town Jazz Festival.

The league was neglected after the Cape Jazz festival sponsorship lapsed.  And now, due to a generous sponsorship from, Restaurant ‘Between Us’ ( ) and ‘Heydorn Custom Cashmere’ (, it has now been revived. Resources were pooled in order to restart this awesome initiative and the Caddie Winter League is back on the fairways.

The golf industry in Cape Town is extremely seasonal, with a large influx of tourists playing golf between November and March over the warmer months. However, this means that during the cooler winter months there is not much work available for the Caddies at the clubs located in the Western Cape.  The League is held in conjunction with WP Golf’s Caddie Opens, and provides a competitive environment for the caddies to compete. It provides them with the opportunity to break-away from the tough and trying lifestyles they lead and enjoy some comradery and joy in the sport the love (and call their profession).

It is the cooperation between Clubs, WP Golf and private sponsors that has enabled this League. Currently eight clubs are involved, Clovelly, Steenberg, Royal Cape, Rondebosch, KD Mowbray, Strand, Milnerton and Westlake – there is potential to expand the league to more clubs and bring all the Caddies into the league. The game of golf can be used to bring about a positive influence in more and more lives, even if just for one round of golf at a time.